We are all used to phrases like “intellectual pleasure”, “intellectual enjoyment” and we understand them, of course, in a kind of figurative sense – not at all like we understand, for example, the enjoyment of food or sex. And it is absolutely in vain.

Of course, there is a kind of specific intellectual pleasure that you experience when reading a beautiful thought, dealing a beautiful challenge. The word “beautiful” here is understood, again, in a specific sense – “intellectually beautiful” and not as beautiful as a beautiful girl.

Meanwhile, by achieving rational clarity in something, and, especially, seeking liberation from any dogma, a person can experience the most real enjoyment – the enjoyment in the body, just as when having sex. This seems absolutely amazing and even mystical, but, nevertheless, it is an indisputable fact in the justness of which absolutely everyone can be convinced by their experience. The enjoyment is experienced not in the genitals, as by having sex, but in the heart, in the center of the chest and in the throat, nevertheless, I would not draw a sharp line between these two kinds of enjoyments as experiencing enjoyment from clarity, that it is exactly the same as we sometimes manage to experience during sex, caresses, especially accompanied by a vivid experience of tenderness, love, openness.

This discovery confirms that both sex and the experience of enlightened perceptions and the liberation from dogmas and the achievement of rational clarity – all are equal participants in the evolution of man, the movement of man to development, to the expansion of the spectrum of the attractive perceptions.

Freedom From Dogmatism. Clear Thinking

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