Imagine that the mother catching her child playing with his penis expresses disgust all in wrinkles, or outrage, or aggression. The child seeing the bright emotional reaction of a person authoritative for him adopts not only the emotional colour of this reaction but also adjusts his world view so that this emotional reaction turns out to be fair. At this very moment the child instantly accepts the truth that his penis is bad and playing with it is very bad. The speed with which these dogmas are adopted by the child is truly fantastic, incredible. Children incredibly quickly adopt everything from their parents and other people who are authoritative for them. It is enough that the story I described happened only once! And after a few seconds, the child’s shame and fear lead to the assurance corresponding to this new dogma is firmly established. After that, you can discuss this topic with the child as much as you want, as convincingly as possible, you can prove to him that there is nothing shameful in masturbation – it is useless. Here a kind of “dogmatic imprinting” works: the very first dogma in this semantic niche is fixed there incredibly firmly. In the vast majority of cases it is forever.

Furthermore, the attempts of the surrounding people to destroy this assurance from this very moment are perceived by a person as acts of aggression directed against him personally, to the destruction of his world. Only an extremely delicate, extremely cautious approach can lead to doubts in a person in this original dogma.

There are only two ways to subsequently weaken this monstrous power of imprinted assurance:

*) mass and long-standing behaviour of surrounding people contrary to this dogma. In this case, a person begins to doubt the validity of his dogma when he sees that hundreds, thousands of people daily act against his blind assurance. This can happen when moving from one country to another. For example, a woman who moved from Saudi Arabia, Somalia or Brunei to Europe may begin to feel doubts that a public exposure of the knees should in fact be punished with stoning to death.

*) a long manifestation of sincerity (including motivated by an extremely delicate “undermining” of a close person under the dogma). If a person doubts his dogma and tries to understand this question by his own efforts, then a high degree of sincerity, the application of logic and common sense can weaken the initial blind assurance that feeds a certain dogma.

The complete release of any dogma in any case requires a high degree of sincerity, determination to achieve clarity and is usually accompanied by bright, unforgettable bursts of ecstasy, happiness from experiencing a new degree of freedom.

From this fact of swift adoption of dogmas there follows a mass of extremely curious and acute conclusions and questions, including the rationality of the almost absolute and exclusive right of the parents to control communication with the child they gave birth to, irrespective of the personal characteristics of these parents.

Freedom From Dogmatism. Clear Thinking

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