Freedom From Dogmatism. WHAT IS DOGMATISM?


What do I mean when I talk about dogmatism? Dogma is a mechanically adopted set of opinions concerning which a person refuses to carry out any analysis, aggressively defending it from any attempt to analyze, from any constructive criticism. “Mechanically adopted” means adopted by blind imitation, thoughtlessly, without own reasoning, without own search of the grounds in the form of experimental data or under the influence of NE (e.g. SGS, awkwardness, fear of negative attitude towards oneself, fear of isolation, etc.). That is, any statement is accepted on the faith and then the person lives as if it is absolutely true.

In this description it is easy to recognize many people you know, isn’t it? But do you recognize yourself in this? 🙂

Mechanically adopted opinion is not a dogma by itself. It becomes a dogma precisely when a person begins to aggressively defend this opinion from any constructive criticism, from adjustments, for which it is necessary to displace facts, suppress logic, suppress and even hate the very source of criticism.

It must be understood that this mechanical, imitative way of poaching opinions is inevitable in human development! After all, from the earliest childhood and further, as a person grows up, as the sphere of his or her contact with the surrounding world grows, he or she faces a huge number of various phenomena that he or she is absolutely incapable of analyzing himself because of the lack of experience in thinking, and most importantly – due to the lack of life experience that he or she can rely on. The only adequate approach effective in this case is the mechanical adoption of the opinions of those people whom he or she trusts. And it is necessary to do this as soon as possible in order to adapt as soon as possible to new challenges. And here a person imperceptibly develops an amazing ability – the ability to control assurances.

The fact is that the more firmly you are sure of the unconditional justice of the certain views, the sooner you will react to emerging circumstances in accordance with these views. Hence it is clear that a person should not simply “adopt the views” but more than that – he or she must believe in them with almost religious faith. He or she must create and strengthen in him or herself an unshakable assurance in the justice of the opinions he or she is offered to poach. Anyone who does not succeed in this will begin to lose to those who will quickly learn it – simply because a fully convinced person acts faster, more whole and more consistent than the one who doubts or is not completely sure.

Furthermore. What do parents teach children in the first months or years? The simplest everyday behavioral skills that, of course, guarantee the child the opportunity to make expedient actions and quickly get results. If you want to eat – open the fridge, open yogurt, take a spoon. A child who adopts a lot of this kind of household skills from his parents starts to sincerely believe in their infallibility in everything and everywhere. The parents and teachers in general are turning into sources of infallible knowledge. That is why children are so hard going through situations in which their parents show lies, insincerity, weakness, stupidity. That is why children with foam at the mouth will defend any foolishness and stupidity of the parents in spite of any common sense, contrary to any most obvious violence that the same parents are doing so often over the same children. And that is why when and if in the end the cumulative weight of unpleasant, stupid, aggressive manifestations of the parents crosses a certain border, then there comes a total breakdown of confidence in them and children rush to the other extreme – total rejection of their parents. The gods fallen to the ground are zealously trampled down in the dirt because in the eyes of the believer they are traitors, impostors that offended the religious feelings.

Thus, one can, of course, be sad about the fact that all the children from the very early age grow religious fanatics in fact but it must be understood that this is an inevitable and even necessary stage of their maturation that, however, can be successfully and almost painlessly overcome.

Freedom From Dogmatism. Clear Thinking

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