Personality evolution

I was interested in psychology from my earliest childhood. From 7-8 years old, I occasionally clutched at the books of Rubinstein, Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and others found in our family library, and each time the book fell out of my hands. Not because I was dead drunk :), but because I had a deep disappointment. I continued my attempts over time, but the result was the same. In the end, it became clear to me that psychologists do not know anything about psychology, and many cannot even understand this. It is surprising that psychologists do not even understand what is the object of their research, and this reminded me of the heyday of alchemy, when people still did not know about the existence of chemical elements, and then they, like psychologists, created arbitrary entities, at random then the experiments, entities multiplied and complicated. Infinite psychological entities argue with each other, infinite psychological schools introduce their essences, and around it all there is an eternal argument.

It is difficult to imagine a situation where chemists from Canada would operate with chemical elements alone, and chemists from Germany with others, right? This is because alchemy has turned into chemistry and physics. It is no longer necessary to argue about whether matter consists of eidos, moisture, fire and earth, or of fluidity, hardness and protoplasm. Everything, these times are gone forever. Now we operate with chemical elements and we can precisely tell which elements in which proportion a particular mineral consists of. Guided by the laws of physics and chemistry, we can predict the course of certain processes.

Psychology is still not out of the alchemical stage, so there are dozens, and maybe hundreds of competing schools, juggling with unprovable and unverifiable theories and introducing various infinitely vague entities. In fact, modern psychology is very close to religion. A beginning psychologist must believe in Jungianism or psychoanalysis, and then begin to study the symbols of their faith, the tenets of their religion.

I think it’s time to put an end to this and create psychology as a science. To do this, we must identify the objects that we explore, and it is very simple to do this, and I do this in my “selection of perceptions”. And one should not believe in it, one should not introduce incomprehensible entities – one only needs to observe that – what, in fact, the world of our psyche consists of. After watching, I broke the whole set of my experiences through five perceptual sectors (pentachotomy :). Feelings [of the physical body], emotions, thoughts, desires, and confidence (this is the last to be distinguished and observed more difficult, therefore, I will omit this topic for the time being).

I looked at one state after another, and became convinced that no matter what I experienced, everything is a combination of the above elementary perceptions. Moreover, the longer I watched my states and tried to put them into elementary components, the easier I succeeded – the skill of discriminating perceptions turned out to be trained, and where there was a vague spot of experience before, I soon began to observe a clear picture of the mixture of perceptions.

It turned out that emotions are divided into negative and their opposite (I called them “illuminated”), and I would call negative emotions more likely to be a cancer of emotions than emotions. It’s the same with desires – it turned out that there are two types of them: those that are accompanied by anticipation (“joyful”), and those that are generated by dullness, dogmas, etc. (“Mechanical”), and again I would rather call the second type of desires a cancerous tumor of desires. Well, in general there are a lot of details, I will not begin to retell the entire selection of perceptions.

A very important result was that I began to navigate in these perceptions. I began to understand the patterns linking them, and it turned out to be very easy. When you know the atomic composition of water, it is easy to understand what happens when, under the influence of current, water first disappears and then for some reason everything explodes with terrible force 🙂 For an ancient person this would be magic. For the modern chemist and physicist – everything is extremely clear and simple.

But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing that I discovered is that among human perceptions there are those that lead to evolutionary processes in a person. Roughly and briefly this happens. I experienced a sense of mystery. I distinguished this perception in the process of self-observation, separated it from others – from the sense of beauty, from anticipation, call, aspiration, existence and many others, which I observed and distinguished earlier. Experiencing the feeling of secrecy turned out to be very attractive to me, i.e. I distinguished between pleasure and enjoyment, and another joyful desire to experience it more, more often. This desire is overgrown with other related desires, such as the desire to strengthen this desire, the desire to explore this desire, etc. A whole gang of desires, the combined power of which is aimed at achieving experiencing a sense of mystery of greater intensity, greater stability. This bundle of desires interfered in my life; it has now become one of the active elements. She, for example, began to act in unison with the desire to experience less negative emotions, because experiencing negative emotions is not compatible with experiencing a sense of mystery.

As a result of the processes described above (and many others that I omit), the feeling of secrecy is in fact becoming more frequent, intense and stable. My personality has thus changed, but has not yet evolved.

Next – the most amazing. As I accumulate a certain amount of experiencing a sense of mystery, a new perception suddenly spontaneously, completely unpredictably arises in me. Brand new. I didn’t guess about him, didn’t know, didn’t read about him anywhere, it isn’t part of perceptions I know. At first, it appears in a very thin, weak burst, so I don’t even have time to survive it so as to notice its distinctive features. But anyway, I have already experienced it, and it was extremely exciting, so now I have a desire to experience this perception more often. The experience of experiencing a sense of mystery accumulates, a new perception appears more and more often. I begin to discern it more clearly, I find a description that resonates with him (that is, such a description, upon comprehension of which I easily begin to “jump” into a new perception). This description becomes like an anchor, allowing me to experience this new perception more easily and more often. And so, at some point I can now experience this perception at almost any time I want – as easily as I can feel tenderness or sympathy or a sense of beauty, etc.

And now my personality did not just accomplish some kind of development, but evolved. Now my personality is, in fact, no longer a person’s identity, but something completely new. Having made the integration of a new perception, I did not just modify my human personality – I created a completely new type of human personality.

As I continue this process – already with a new perception, or with previously known ones, my personality evolves further and further. It turns out that there are dozens of such perceptions that awaken in me, and there is no end in sight to this new world of perceptions. This leads to dramatic changes in other areas of my personality and even in my physical body.

The saturation of my life, the pleasure of life, the enjoyment of life, energy, the ability to experience other illuminated perceptions very intensely, the ability to think soberly, etc. – all this is growing, which gives me reason to call it evolution.

Now I have come quite far in this evolution, but since among my perceptions there are such as sympathy, the desire to contribute, I sometimes spend time describing the very first steps, although it is difficult for this desire to compete with the desire to move further in its evolution, because I do not know – what other quality leaps await me ahead, whether there will be something absolutely amazing, and the process of opening new perceptions in itself is the most amazing and exciting thing I’ve ever known in my life.

But! There is one moment. All that I have described can captivate a person if he already has a sufficiently large level of experience of saturation and energy. Without this, all these words of mine will remain just words for him, or even irritation. When a person is brewed in negative emotions, it is very, very difficult for him to emerge from this and have an anticipation for what I experience. That is why the first steps are work to reduce the amount of negative emotions experienced, mechanical desires, stupidity – this is written in the first part of my selection of perceptions.

Perhaps someone will need five or ten or twenty years of such a process of extremely interesting self-improvement, self-development, before he achieves such a level of saturation and energy, such a volume of enlightened perceptions, that in him wake up quite steady, rather intense desires of concentration on his personal evolution, so that he eventually began to carry out this evolution with an increasing pace.

I really hope that at least in ten, or twenty, or fifty years such people will appear, and then they will understand the experience that I will continue to describe in the “selection of perceptions”, they will be able to use it. And maybe at least in a hundred years, what I am describing here will become so banal and simple that it will be studied in kindergarten.

What else is very important – it is this kind of personal evolution that is able to finally solve the insoluble contradictions today between different ethnic groups, between different people. If I am Israeli, and the other person involved in the same evolution is Palestinian, then we will not be interested in confrontation at all. We will feel like partners in an exciting journey of consciousness. Approximately by the same principle, people are now united by science, sports, art, literature, etc., but the unification on the foundation of personal evolution will be final, unshakable, because this work itself is connected with the elimination of those destructive perceptions that destroy the community between by people.

Therefore, it is very important for me to continue my evolution:

for yourself is the most exciting
to wait for those epochs when selection will spread, as mathematics is now common, and enjoy life in a new world, study it
to promote people of the future, share their discoveries with them, help them wade through problematic bottlenecks in evolution
Of course, maybe tomorrow the tram will cut off my head, or a tree will fall on me during a hurricane, or an avalanche will bury me on the slope of Dhaulagiri. Anything can happen. Man is mortal, and sometimes suddenly. But nevertheless, I have a goal: to continue my mental evolution, which, as I said, is accompanied by evolution even on a physical, physiological level, and therefore is an evolution in the full sense of the word, and who knows – maybe it is selection perceptions will lead to the fact that people can live an active mental and physical life, and two hundred, and three hundred years, and more. I do not know what will happen, but I know that I will move further in this direction, even if I have to do it all alone.

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