Freedom From Dogmatism. ADJUSTING OF THE OPINION


Another sign of a thinking person is that such person corrects his or her opinions from time to time and even completely changes them sometimes. This is an absolutely inevitable process. We can never have completeness of information on all the issues. Life constantly brings new information that can supplement what is already available and sometimes refute it, and this applies to absolutely all the areas – astronomy, genetics, physics, pharmacology, physiology, economics, etc.

The same goes for simple everyday situations in which we constantly create some opinions. To express your opinion once and then stand on it at any cost – this is considered almost a sign of a strong, intelligent person, but is it so? This is a sign not of a clever but of a dogmatic and proud person who rejects all the incoming information and treats his or her opinion as an overvalue that he or she must protect henceforth. This position is simply dangerous because it makes a person unable to adapt to changing external conditions.

Freedom From Dogmatism. Clear Thinking

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